Philosophy Behind Soeharto’s New Order; The New Order (Orba)

“When we talk about The New Order; should we grieve or be happy?”

Before you read this essay any further, please note that we are not going to talk about the history of PKI and its affiliation, or play-side who is more right or wrong, but we will discuss the philosophy behind The New Order (Orba) instead. Furthermore, we will talk about relationship between The Political concept of Carl Schmitt and Soeharto’s regime on his New Order.

First Cup of Coffee: The Political Concept

Carl Schmitt is a German political theorist/political philosopher that soon became one of the most influential political philosopher in the 20th century. Carl Schmitt’s course/views on politic is political existentialist, which in a nutshell means that every points he made in his book must be understood in their concrete and existential sense, not as metaphors or symbols, not mixed and weakened by economic, moral, and other conceptions, least of all in a private-individualistic sense as a psychological expression of private emotions and tendencies. Continue reading “Philosophy Behind Soeharto’s New Order; The New Order (Orba)”


What is Reality? Should we Doubt Reality Itself?

“Is reality worth to doubt? or should we leave it as it is?”

“This is Reality!” you might say, but what is reality? I know in theory reality is time and space that we live in the here and now or in other words is life itself, but do we make those reality or it is something absolute like nothingness and we just happen to live in it? How do you know that your reality is the same with anyone else? Should we doubt it?

First Cup of Coffee: First Reality or The Reality

When I was a child I used to believe that I am one year older than myself, because I believe that my parents didn’t celebrate my previous birthday and kept it secret so I can be younger than what I actually is (at least in my mind). I know it’s stupid, but that time I believed it, and that thoughts can bend my reality and makes me feel like I’m older than what actually is, so it is my reality back then. I kept believing it until I can do a proper math, and then that reality started to fall apart. It is the same with other beliefs I had back then, such as; Santa, unicorn, pegasus, king kong, ghost, and even my happiness.

So how do you know that your reality right now is real? How do you know you live in the same reality as when you began your first consciousness? Are you exist in this reality or reality exist within your mind? Continue reading “What is Reality? Should we Doubt Reality Itself?”

All I’ve Left

“If I cut out my depression then I have nothing left”

Sometimes I’d like to think what if I don’t have this burden in life.

There’s but one philosopher that I admire for his work, and he says “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”. I’d like to think if all of this suffering is just a path for me to become his ‘Ubermensch‘. But I don’t need to become one. Sometimes I ask myself, do I need to become Ubermensch in order to be happy? Because that is what I really want. To be happy. Completely happy. But I understand that I can’t always be happy, sometimes I need suffering first to be happy, and that is why I asked myself again “What if I cut out my depression? What do I have left?” Because after all this time, I feel like my only friend is depression, it’s sadden me of course, but at least that is what I have. It always covers me like a blanket. I woke up, and till the night Im going to sleep I have this dark cloud that always follows me, but what if that very cloud is gone? What do I have left? After all, I don’t have that much happiness.

Now, I feel like Im tired of shits not killing me and only making me stronger.

Artwork by Marcos Beccari